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Halloween shenanigans

We returned to work yesterday after our scheduled four days off, and it didn’t take long for the guys on the squad to notice an uneasy feeling in the air. The mood on the street seems edgy and unpredictable, even … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

The Grade 9 students at North Delta‚Äôs Burnsview Junior Secondary were divided into two social classes. First, there were the preppies. They were the cool kids, who boasted brand-name clothes, sculpted their hair like Jason Priestley and blasted bubble-gum pop … Continue reading

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Wake-up call

I received some sage advice from a senior constable a few months after I started on this job. I try to follow it every day. “We work hard, we get our workouts in, and we go home safe.” The senior … Continue reading

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Downtown Eastside Randomness (with pictures)

I ran into this fellow near Gore and Hastings Street this week, and while talking to him I noticed he had a bunch of strange scars on his hands. They looked like cigarette burns. He pulled up his jeans to … Continue reading

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Mattresses everywhere

An interesting article in the Vancouver Sun today by Kelly Sinoski, a former colleague of mine at The Peace Arch News. It seems the City of Vancouver is having a tough time coping with the number of old mattresses people … Continue reading

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