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Curtain closing on crumbling DTES landmark

A gaggle of protesters, including a few from Occupy Vancouver, paid a visit to the Downtown Eastside last night. They’re unhappy with the number of condos being built along Hastings Street, and wanted to tell the world that no market … Continue reading

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And the beat goes on…

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of taking a young Langara College photo-journalism student on a ride-a-long to help him complete an assignment about the Downtown Eastside. We’d barely finished introducing ourselves when we were dispatched to our first … Continue reading

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Short and sweet with a little tweet

If you’ve been following Eastside Stories for a while,  you’ve probably noticed my tendency to wax poetic from time to time. Brevity is not always one of my strengths, especially when it comes to writing. I’ll try to keep things … Continue reading

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This is your vein on drugs

I remember as a kid seeing those scared-straight commercials on after-school TV. You know, the “this-is-your-brain-on-drugs” commercials with the egg and the frying pan. They were part of the Reagan-era War on Drugs that many people now consider an epic … Continue reading

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Old-time beat cop meets new

He walked the Hastings Street beat long before anyone had ever dreamed of AIDS, HIV or taxpayer-funded buildings where you could plunge heroin into your veins. The Charter of Rights was still ten years in the future, and it would … Continue reading

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Riding with Madonna

As police, and as people, we are anthologies of the folks we meet along life’s journey — people who have somehow or another rubbed off on us and left their mark. It’s a crack of wit or turn of phrase, … Continue reading

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A sign of the times

It’s not uncommon to see development application signs posted on buildings throughout the Downtown Eastside. Any time a developer wants to change the use of a building, be it from commercial to residential or from industrial to commercial, the city is … Continue reading

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More shenanigans…in pictures

Just a short post today, as I’m nursing a mild Halloween hangover (figuratively, of course).  I managed to get a brief reprieve from the Downtown Eastside last night and scored a little overtime, thanks to CounterAttack funding from ICBC. I’m … Continue reading

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