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Lost in Transition

The paper cup had barely touched my lips when the warble sounded on the police radio, warning of a serious crime in progress. I’d been craving this Tim Horton’s Double-Double for hours. But for now it would have to wait. … Continue reading

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Overheard on the Beat…

…a 3 a.m. conversation between a beat cop and random Downtown Eastside resident. Beat Cop: “How old are you ma’am?” DTES Resident: “I’m 61.” Beat Cop: “You look awfully good for 61.” DTES Resident: “Well, you haven’t seen me with … Continue reading

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Slow death by meth

Dan and I were skulking around a few nights ago when we came across this young fellow lurking behind a dumpster in the lane behind Insite. High on crystal meth and in some kind of drug psychosis, he was picking … Continue reading

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Ode to an addict

Another addict died alone tonight, in a Downtown Eastside room. Another sad, pathetic, wasted life, taken by the needle and spoon.

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The Wheels of Justice

0745 hrs – Alarm clock jolts me from a four-hour sleep. I feel hungover, but I haven’t been drinking. I stumble to the coffee maker and trip over the cat. Why do they always schedule court for the morning after … Continue reading

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Hastings and Columbia – then and now

Fred Herzog – 1958 If you haven’t heard the name Fred Herzog, you’ve likely seen some of his iconic photographs. This one looks east from the corner of Hastings and Columbia streets. By the time this picture was taken, the … Continue reading

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Blotter fodder

From free crack pipes to free booze, to designs for another drug injection site, there was no shortage of fodder in the news about the Downtown Eastside this week.  I’ve been a little lax on my own musings (I blame … Continue reading

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Off the hook

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Bird watching on the beat

I wish I had something profound to say about this giant seagull, but unfortunately it’s just a giant seagull. I heard him cawing outside a second storey window at the old police station at 312 Main Street and I went … Continue reading

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Life in the margins

On the damp concrete sidewalk just beyond the steps of the First United Church, a native man is splayed over a soggy piece of cardboard next to a bus stop. The glass walls of the bus shelter are long gone, … Continue reading

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