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The Perils of Searching

Police work is dangerous business, but sometimes the most dangerous situations come not when we’re chasing bad guys, but after they’ve already been caught. And in the Downtown Eastside, where infectious diseases like HIV and HEP C are epidemic, police … Continue reading

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Main and Hastings

A few dozen cop critics took over Main and Hastings during rush hour Thursday for an anti-police brutality rally. ┬áThis picture was taken from the roof of the Empress Hotel by Matt Shewchuk. Matt is part of a film crew … Continue reading

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Have badge, will run

I like to run. Mainly I’m built for distance, but I can also move pretty quick if the adrenaline’s pumping. And though it’s been close at times, I’m proud to say that I’ve never lost a foot pursuit. But earlier … Continue reading

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Why I do this job

Because I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Because two-day weekends suck. Because every now and then someone tells me I made a difference. Because I hate bullies. Because I hate cheaters. Because I hate liars. Because there’s a pensioner … Continue reading

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It was a mess when I started and a mess when I left

People sometimes ask me if what we’re doing in the Downtown Eastside makes a difference — if I’ve noticed any changes for the better since I’ve been down here. Truth is, it’s kind of hard to tell if things are … Continue reading

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Moving Day

It’s the first of the month, which means moving day on the Downtown Eastside. This fellow got more than his share of strange looks from rush-hour drivers as he lugged his mattress past the Carnegie Centre at Main and Hastings. … Continue reading

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