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The Last Post

One year ago I stood before a bank of microphones, cameras and journalists in the lane behind the police station at 312 Main Street to announce the launch of Eastside Stories: Diary of a Vancouver Beat Cop. In the months … Continue reading

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On sticks, stones and male pattern baldness

I’m bald. Been this way for a decade — ever since I saw a picture of myself in the newspaper I used to work for and realized just how badly my little smoke-and-mirrors trick had failed. I was 23 years … Continue reading

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News Flash: Vancouver has a drug problem

One of the lead news stories in Vancouver today was a study which found that illicit drugs are rampant on the streets of Vancouver. The B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS reported that drugs such as heroin, cocaine, meth and … Continue reading

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The Beat Season II

You may have noticed that lately I haven’t been blogging quite as frequently as before. While I certainly have not run out of things to say, I’ll admit it’s been a challenge this summer to find time to sit down … Continue reading

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She made her decision, and it was the wrong one

Five days past her 18th birthday, she was hooting on a crack pipe near the corner of Hastings and Columbia. She tossed the glass pipe to the pavement as we approached and tried to blend in with the crowd. “Please … Continue reading

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No easy answers

A young hipster in skinny jeans and a plaid shirt stopped me on West Hastings Street the other day. “So, when are you gonna start arresting some of the drug dealers out here?” he asked. It was a bit of … Continue reading

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Skunky 1, Steve 0

During night shift I often use my meal break to squeeze in a midnight run around the Stanley Park seawall. It’s a good way to burn off a little steam and forget about work for a while. While I usually … Continue reading

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Catching up with the Ice Cream Man

If you’ve been following Eastside Stories, you might be familiar with my friend the Ice Cream Man. I first wrote about him before Christmas, after we shared a two a.m. heart-to-heart outside the Carnegie Centre at Main and Hastings. A … Continue reading

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Downtown Eastside by the numbers

4,600 intravenous drug users live in the Downtown Eastside 587 drug injections happen daily at the Supervised Injection Site; this includes people who return multiple times a day 20 per cent of people in the Downtown Eastside are homeless 87 … Continue reading

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…but instead…

The following is a contribution by fellow Beat Enforcement Team member Tyler Urquhart, inspired by some of the people he’s met along Hastings Street.┬áHe says it’s “kind of a poem.” A Grandfather, Bouncing grandchildren on his knees. Burgers, ribs, the … Continue reading

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