Best of Beat Cop

Here is a collection my favourite posts from Eastside Stories, in no particular order.

On ice cream, push ups and hope for the human condition

A drop of human potential

Welfare Wednesday

Halloween shenanigans

This is your vein on drugs

A (very) thin blue line

Ode to an addict

3 Responses to Best of Beat Cop

  1. Nicole says:

    Hi there,

    I know this is a comment section, but I didn’t see another way to get a message to you..

    I really enjoy your blog (in fact it’s the only one I read!).

    I have helped to create a road safety website called One Crash is too Many and it seemed like something you may be interested in checking out. There are a lot of interesting statistics.

    If you have any suggestions as to how I could have a higher impact website, I would love to hear them.



  2. Judy says:

    Hi Steve,

    I really enjoy reading your blog, in fact I have teared up a little reading some of them. You are an example of a good human being and I wish there were more genuine and caring people like you. I’m currently in my last year of the criminal justice program and would really love to volunteer and possibly see if there’s any way I can spend a day in your shoes. Would I be able to go on a ride along with you? I didn’t see an email or contact for you but would love to hear from you.

    Keep up these amazing posts, I am a true fan.


    • Steve says:

      Hi Judy
      Glad you are a fan and I appreciate your genuine comments. Sorry for the delay in responding. There are some pretty definitive criteria set out by the VPD in order to be considered for a ride-a-long, and unfortunately due the volume of calls we field it’s not always easy to set up. Regardless, fire me an email at and fill me in a bit more about your studies. I’ll see how I can help.